Monday, July 2, 2012

Fat Flush Diet- Success or Failure?

I am starting this blog post on Wednesday June 27th because today is our first day on the Fat Flush diet. It is a five day cleanse created by Clark Bartram in order to cleanse toxins from your body and kick start weight loss. You can do the Fat Flush diet any time but we decided to do it now because Donald hit a little bit of slump last week and I put a few pounds back on over the last few weeks. Although, I had decided that I didn't care, as long as I stayed within five pounds of my goal, I thought this would be a good time to try this program out.

Although his weight was 198.2 the last weigh in, he was at 201.0 this morning so we will start with that. I was at 143.8. So we will see what the results are on Monday morning.

What it is

During the time you participate in the Fat Flush Diet you eat three meals basically consisting of meat and vegetables with grapefruit or grapefruit juice at every meal. You take the Saba Pomegranate juice and Co-Clenz every day. You can take the Borojo but that is optional. We are taking the Borojo because we were already taking it. You DO NOT take ACE during the five days of the Fat Flush. It basically eliminates all sugar and carbs for those five days. You use sugar free dressing on your salad and cook your vegetables in real butter but that is the only condiments and flavoring used.

Getting Prepared

First, I will tell you that sugar free dressing is VERY hard to find! I finally found Walden Farms at Walmart. At our Walmart, it was with the marinades instead of the salad dressings. They had four flavors and since I knew I didn't like Bleu Cheese with sugar, I bought a bottle each of Ranch, Raspberry Vingarette, and Honey Mustard. They have a lot more flavors on their website.

I also purchased No Sugar Added grapefruit juice, grape fruit, lots of salad fixins, and the green, red, and yellow vegetables that we like. You will also need either V-8 or skim milk, turkey bacon, eggs, and any kind of meat you prefer.

1st Day

So we begin with everything we are supposed to have for breakfast, 8 oz water, turkey bacon, eggs,
Saba Borojo and grapefruit juice. Not too bad. Very filling and not dissapointing at all.

Lunch was 8 oz water and a salad with chicken and half a grapefruit. We used the ranch sugar free dressing. I have got to say it was not bad! Although, I will tell you that the grapefruit puckered my mouth. It didn't bother Donald. I didn't have any problem with the juice so I will be sticking with that, since either is fine.

The hardest part so far has been that long span between lunch and dinner. I am used to having a snack and you don't get one.

Dinner was good though, with 8 oz water, fish, squash, salad and grapefruit juice. This time we used the Honey Mustard. It was good too! I am sufficiently impressed with Walden Farms sugar free dressing.

The evening was pretty easy because you get to eat as much veggies and salad as you can hold at dinner and we had church to keep occupied.

Evening snack is either skim milk or V-8 (yuk) Donald did one, I did the other. Along with that you drink another 8 oz water, take two Co-Clenz capsules and Saba Pom.

For some reason, I did not sleep well at all this first night. For one thing, I was up peeing every hour. Besides that, I seemed to never really get fully asleep. I am not going to say that it was the Co-Clenz because I often have disprupted sleep but usually I sleep well and just wake up around 3 am for a while. Just in case, I will start on weekend next time when I have nothing to do the next day.

2nd Day

This day was a little harder for me. I had a training session for Saba/ACE in Georgia which meant a 3 1/2 hour drive both ways. What do you want to do on a trip? Snack! Luckily I had thought ahead and packed a grilled chicken salad for lunch and dinner. I made it through without messing up! I did heat up and eat some asparagus when I got home since I didn't get my vegetable.

This day was also harder for Donald. He ended up working until after midnight and we did not prepare for that. He did not have anything with him to eat for dinner and did not go anywhere that he could buy anything. He said that he was hungry for awhile and then it passed. It was so late when he got home and he was so tired that he didn't eat at all. He just drank his juice and took his Co-Clenz.

3rd Day

We weren't supposed to but both Donald and I weighed this morning! I was down 4 pounds and he was down 6! Wow, that is just two days.

This day was easier for me. I was cleaning and organizing so I kept busy. I ate what I was supposed to at all meals. We did leave late in the afternoon to take some stuff to the thrift store so I ended up eating out. I had the forsight to take my own dressing and we went KFC! I had grilled chicken, green beans and salad! I stayed on it even eating out! I was very pleased.

Donald did better today. Even though he worked past dinner, we packed him two salads. This is really a good thing because he said that taking Co-Clenz after not having eaten in 12 hours tends to cleanse you a little more than is comfortable.. (I am kinda hoping he doesn't read this part lol) Besides, I am sure that going with that little nutrients can't be good for you when working in this kind of heat!

4th Day

Donald ended up off work today so we did some shopping amd were able to stay on the Fat Flush fine. We thought ahead and took the salad that I had made for his lunch with us and had a little picnic.

However, we started a new class at church. Of course there were all kinds of snacks there. Chips, crackers, candy bars, other candy and soft drinks. AND- I was the one that took them! I am the cooridinator for this class and I had planned to have snacks way before we started this flush. I was afraid that they would really mess with our heads. We came through it just great. We both commented on how it didn't even bother us! I was so proud of us both! We came home and ate our dinner AND looked forward to our glass of milk. I will say though, that I am glad that tomorrow is the 5th day. Not that it has been hard but I am ready to not have to think about it so hard.

5th Day

The last day was Sunday. This made the Fat Fush a little harder on us for several reasons. First, Donald is off work and everything is off schedule when he is at home. Second, Sunday is usually our off day. We eat what we want and don't worry about it. Lastly, we had church and on top of that we had a guest speaker. I thuroughly enjoyed his message and absolutely love God, Jesus and my church family. Don't get me wrong. However, this speaker went about an hour over our usual time and by the time we got home at 1:30, we were starving. We came home and ate our salad and drank our grapefruit juice and all was fine.

Until...... we went shopping for some part that Donald needed for his Jeep and they didn't have it in the town that was 30 minutes south of us. But they had it in the town that is 30 minutes north of us. So we turned around and headed north for an hour and it was 6:30 by the time we had the part. So we went to Wally World and bought a new bottle of sugar free dressing and headed to KFC. Grilled chicken, green beans, and side salad never tasted so good. Walden Farms also makes a very good Sugar Free Thousand Island.

To Sum Things Up

We are both very proud to report that we made it through the entire five days of the Fat Flush diet. There was one night that Donald's work prevented him from eating his dinner and that caused an upset stomach the next day. Also, on the night that I ate KFC and also on the night that we both did, we had to drink our grapefruit juice when we got home. When looking for grapefruit juice we discovered that the grapefruit juice that is packaged in the individual bottles like they sell in the service stations are not "no sugar added". So we didn't chance it.

All in all, this cleanse was not as hard as I imagined. For me, the hardest part was the time between lunch and dinner. That was the longest that I had to go without eating anything. Although I could eat as much as I needed at the meals and really wasn't that hungry, I was just used to having a snack around 3:00. Of course Donald reports that the hardest part for him was the night that we were not prepared for him to work late. I can not stress how important it has been for us to think ahead to stay on this diet for even five days.

The End Results

Was it all that we had hoped it was? Well to be perfectly honest this morning we were a little dissapointed. Yesterday I was down 5 pounds and Donald was down 7. This morning it was a little less than that. We believe that it may be due to eating at KFC last night. We both feel bloated this morning. I feel sure that we probably had more salt last night than we have in the past five days. I can feel it in my fingers, if you know what I mean. I think this was a great alternative given the situation, however, maybe it was not the best choice of meal the night before the official weigh in. I fell sure that if we had of had time to really drink our water afterwards and flush out the sodium, the scale would have read differently.

Even with that being the case, we feel that the flush was very worth it. I am down below my orignal goal, giving me flexibility while eating. Donald is within 4.8 pounds of his original goal and has even decided that he may take it down another 5 pounds. I am so proud of him!He looks GREAT! We both feel great! We are ready to jump back on our ACE this morning and continue to get healthier and better every day!

                                Total Fat Flush loss -6.2                  Total Fat Flush loss -5.2

Want to try it?

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Anonymous said...

I have a question. I am getting ready to do this five day fat flush along with the grapefruit diet. The question I have is u can take the co clenz for up to two weeks so if I take the co clenz for two weeks and do the diet the first five days do I eat what I want for the remainder of the days following the five day diet or do I need to do this grapefruit diet for the whole fourteen days?

Denise Thrasher said...

There is no hard rule on that. Even though you get to eat as much as you want at each meal, the diet still gets old pretty quick. I think if you want to continue with the CoClenz, I would try to keep my diet low carb for that extra week. That way you could add some different foods in but still keep with the same basic principle.

The hardest part for me was the time between lunch and dinner. I moved my lunch later so I didn't have to go so long. Please let me know how you do. I would love to hear!